Fatal Casualties are Stefan Ljungdahl & Ivan Hirvonen.

The band was born in Stockholm, Sweden 1986. Active years 1987-1991, with live performances and some demos.

2010 was the reunion a fact, and august the 1st 2012, the debut ep "Paria" saw the light.

Seja and Fatal Casualties are proud to present the first Fatal Casualties 7" single, and is to be released the first of November in an ultra limited edition of 100 copies divided into 50 black vinyl and 50 white vinyl. Both versions will come with different sleeves. Vinyl has not an A or B side but a BLACK and WHITE side. The black side features "Lord, I Found Allure".

You can listen to the songs at https://sejarecords.bandcamp.com/


Video by Maria Levina.

Contact: info@fatalcasualties.com